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About B.I.G.

The Boundary Information Group (B.I.G.) incorporated in 1995, is a strategic alliance of consulting firms that offer complementary services in the management of health care information. Most of these organizations are entrepreneurial, are headed by their founders, and have small, elite staffs with outstanding competence in their specialties. Consultants from these firms are selected as needed to create the most appropriate team for each component of a client's project.

This constellation allows progressive clients to enjoy the flexibility and personalized service characteristic of small firms while choosing from a full range of technological resources to meet their strategic goals. BIG assists clients with an information-based culture to achieve their core strategic goals through technology. BIG's specialties include:

  • Strategic planning for the use of information systems
  • Clinical systems planning, including EHR, workflow improvement and data interchange
  • HIPAA planning, readiness assessment, project management and training
  • HIPAA compliance and risk management training and software tools
  • Assessment of current technology
  • Evaluation of software
  • Selection of systems
  • Management of the installation and implementation of information systems
  • Analysis of business operations, financial data, and/or clinical quality of care

BIG offers its clients these advantages:

  • Experts in their fields who have earned reputations for high quality service
  • Extensive experience serving newly merged organizations and those in transition
  • Greater cost-effectiveness through utilization of the client's existing resources
  • Flexibility to adapt resources, expertise, and scope of work as needs change during the evolution of a project
  • Cooperative working relationships with legal, financial, and other consultants retained by the client
  • Consistency in project management
  • Fostering of long-term relationships with clients
  • Administrative simplification with one contract, one monthly invoice, and flexibility in scope of work

B.I.G.'s experience includes extensive consultations to health plans, vendors, hospitals' and physicians' group practices, including newly merged groups of medical practices, MSOs, PHOs, and integrated delivery systems.

Consulting firms affiliated with the Boundary Information Group are:

Barrington Entity (Dominic Saroni)
Informed Partners, L.L.C. (John Osberg)
Jewson Enterprises (Vinson Hudson)

Margret\A Consulting, LLC (Margret Amatayakul)
MSA Corp (Steven Lazarus)
Mv Skott Consulting, LLC (Mick Skott)
Rachel Foerster & Associates, Ltd. (Rachel Foerster)
Richard Friedland
Tom Walsh Consulting (Tom Walsh)

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