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Strategic Partnerships

The Boundary Information Group is pleased to announce four strategic partnerships that combined provides a powerful, complete and comprehensive solution to meet your HIPAA needs.

Health IT Certification, LLC (HIC) -
Health IT Certification, LLC (HIC) offers a comprehensive HIT, EHR, and HIE training program ranging from e-learning solutions, regional in-person training programs, one-day preconference training programs associated with national and regional conferences, and in-house customized training, as well as audioconferences. Health IT Certification has a core curriculum common to all certification programs including Introduction to the Basics of HIT, EHR, and HIE; Legal and Regulatory Aspects of HIT, EHR, HIE; Change Management and Migration Paths Strategy and Implementation. Each certification track includes these four courses plus six curriculum specific courses in Health Information Technology (HIT), Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE). Examples of specific courses include Personal Health Records, System Selection, Telehealth, Care Coordination, Data Stewardship, and Implementation Management. Be sure to mention BIG as the referring entity when contacting Health IT Certification.

HIPAA Summit –

HIPAA Summit offers a twice a year conference convened virtually and in-person to discuss the key breaking events and status on various aspects of HIPAA implementation, including privacy, security, transactions, identifiers, code sets and operating rules.   Steven S. Lazarus, PhD, President of Boundary Information Group, is a Co-Chair of the conference primarily responsible for the transaction and code sets, and operating rules track.  Other BIG consultants are frequent conference speakers.

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Train for HIPAA -
Train for HIPAA offers comprehensive HIPAA training ranging from e-learning solutions, through onsite training to special access to national conferences and audio conferences. Train for HIPAA core curriculum includes: HIPAA Basics Course, HIPAA Privacy and Advanced HIPAA Privacy, and HIPAA Security. In addition, advanced courses for research, business associates, and other specialized topics are available. ASP hosted and content only for internal use versions are available. Be sure to mention BIG has the referring entity when contacting Train for HIPAA.

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BIG is a WEDI organization member that supports WEDI, WEDI SNIP, and the WEDI Foundation. Steven S. Lazarus, PhD, FHIMSS, BIG President, has been a member of the WEDI Board of Directors since 1992, was Chairman of the Board for 2001-2002, and is currently Past Board Chair. WEDI is a nonprofit trade association providing industry leadership for HIPAA implementation and promoting the use of e-commerce and improved internal workflows throughout the health care industry.

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