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Vinson Hudson/Jewson Enterprises

  • Founded in August 1973 by Vinson J. Hudson and Jewel C. Hudson
  • Provides market research, industry analyses, and competitive intelligence advice to medical practices and information technology solution companies seeking advantage through inside market knowledge.
  • Provides a national and international reputation for excellence, objectivity, and confidentiality in its research analysis, and for identifying market dynamics and strategic visions that is best suited to the development of business and technology needs.

Jewson Enterprises (JE) Competitive Intelligence Services is about people interactions, not just market reports. We offer assessment and analysis, not canned solutions. We intend to improve the value of market research, not to create forecasts with no basis. These basic principles have served loyal clients for 30 years. Examples? We help maintain strategic intelligence of one pharmaceutical organization, enhancing industry knowledge and reducing costs. When an information technology solution vendor needed a partner to educate its channel partners and support its market strategies, we were there. By surveying customer satisfaction for a national vendor with several sales/services offices, we helped retain valuable customers. How? Our understanding of how physician's office people and POMIS technology work together comes from 30 years of experience working in ambulatory medicine and its information workflow requirements. And it comes with a willingness to challenge worn out conventions while respecting current cost limitations. To learn more about the POMIS Company's result we've achieved for companies like yours, visit us by telephone at 512-335-9047.

Jewson Enterprises™ (JE) is built on the strategic use of professionals intimately knowledgeable on industry events, trends, and facts. This is reflected in its high quality market research and analyses; products/services, hassle-free customer service; and, most important, timely delivery of reliable knowledge when you need it.


  • The POMIS Reportİ - An seven-chapter subscription database on physician's office information technology solutions (ITS), industry demographics, market analyses, trends, technology utilization, and competitive analysis.
  • Ambulatory Care Setting-CPR Systems Analysis - An ambulatory care setting clinical information systems report separated from The POMIS Report that analyzes the market for computer-based patient records systems and associated applications.
  • The Satisfaction Rating Directory of POMIS Vendors (The SRDİ) - An unbiased, primary purchasers source for medical practices that are considering first-time purchase, enhancement, or replacement of an ambulatory care setting ISS. Hundreds of vendors have been given a unique satisfaction rating based on nine essential selection criteria.
  • POMIS IQ Report - A quarterly digest of pertinent industry dynamics. These dynamics include mini-market analysis, industry analysis, analyst's strategic visions, and an interesting area called "Hearsay Research."

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